Audiowood makes wooden turntables and stereo gear. We also make other things out of wood, like iPhone docks, AV furniture, and sometimes lamps and clocks.

We started making custom turntables over 6 years ago, and we've been riding the waves of burlwood turntable mania ever since! Audiowood designs have graced the pages of over 20 major international magazines and are featured in dozens of design, audiophile, and tech. blogs. Captain Kirk spins our Bachelor Turntable in Paramount Pictures' Star Trek: Into Darkness, and we are happy about collaborations with and Bushmills on various advertising and web projects.

All of our products are sustainably produced, by hand, in the US, using domestic and European components. In addition to making our own things, Audiowood is also a retailer for some other brands of quality European and US-made audio gear, including Rega, Music Hall Turntables, Grado, Bellari, High Resolution Technologies, Red Dragon Audio, and SME S2 Tonearms.

Audiowood products are available through several domestic and international retailers: Anthropologie, Florida Craftsmen Gallery (St. Petersburg), Insound (New York, NY), The Audio Spot (Calgary, Alberta, Canada), and Savinskaya23 (Moscow).

Our goal, as always, is to make and sell reasonably-priced, stylish, quality stuff that is sustainably-produced.

And as always, thanks for supporting people who make things!

Joel Scilley