The Mermaid is our latest speaker design, made with the idea that audio gear can be more than just ok to look at...

The Mermaid is a floorstanding sattelite speaker, meaning that a pair of Mermaids is intended to be used with either one or two subwoofers that will fill in the bass notes. If two subwoofers are used, they would be dedicated to the right and left stereo channels.

Mermaids are made by hand in the USA and feature:

Solid non-endangered, southern poplar construction.

Revolutionary 3" Audience A3 full-range drivers with no crossovers.

Wired with Audience Ohno cast copper wire and gold plated binding posts.

Completely sealed design to prevent overdriving of the drivers.

Highly differentiated internal surfaces to reduce unwanted reflections of sound from driver.

A slight wave guide inset mount for driver which reduces unwanted sound reflections and results in extremely precise imaging.

Stable three-legged design with a removable rear leg.

Finished with several coats of non-toxic shellac and paste wax.

Approximate frequency range of 80hz-22khz.

Sensitivity: ~87db

Impedance: nominal 4 ohms

Approx. 38"h x 16"w x 17"d

But how do they sound???

Because the Mermaids use a crossover-less, single driver design, their sound is immediate and extremely precise. The Audience drivers are amazingly fast, and because of their design, provide a "punch" that is unmatched for their size. The soundstage of these speakers is broad and deep, and they image beautifully. With a decent recording, one is able to pinpoint the location of musicians in their recorded positions. For instance, a single singer's voice might be heard emerging from a spot 3 or 4 feet high, and several feet behind the speakers, and multiple musicians can be "located" in in spatial terms relative to each other. Also, these drivers do not lose their precision with volume. In fact, they continue to sound organic, precise and dynamic up to unsafe volume levels (not that you should go there!). So, they sound really good with all sorts of music, not just chamber music! As all good speakers should do, the Mermaids "disappear" as the source of sound, creating a highly-realistic stereo image.

Mermaids are a custom order, and because they are time-consuming to make, take 4-6 weeks for delivery.