In addition to turntables, Audiowood offers select handmade audio equipment and accessories and a few other interesting artifacts, including amplifiers with custom wooden enclosures, wooden iPhone docks, speakers, nixie tube clocks, and Magnepan speaker stands.

Audiowood is also an authorized retailer for a select collection of audio equipment produced by other manufacturers. At present, I carry the following brands:

Cable Research Lab
Glow Audio
High Resolution Technologies
Origin Live and Teres Accessories
Virtue Audio Sensation Integrated Amps

The emphasis is on high-performance equipment that re-creates the experience of live music. But I only stock gear that I would want to have in my home, so I also pay careful attention to aesthetics and to energy consumption and environmentally friendly production processes. The bottom-line is also very important, so every component has to offer great value. Over time I hope to find more equipment that meets my performance, aesthetic, economic, and eco-friendly standards, but for the moment the following great things are the best I can find or build.


Audiowood: Turntables: Custom Turntables

Almost anything is possible.

Audiowood basic custom tables feature a quality Rega parts kit, and generally have an integral motor/drive system in a single plinth/base structure. These tables can be made to house your choice of tonearms, but are generally offered with Rega arms.

Prices for basic custom tables start at around $1000.

Audiowood deluxe custom tables house the Teres bearing in your choice of plinth and match this bearing with the new Audiowood proprietary design platter. The upper platter is machined out of a solid plant-based composite, to which are fastened solid lead-free brass pods or wooden pods filled with a non-toxic shot and resin mixture. This platter design is striking in appearance and offers significant advantages in performance: high-mass, rotational stability, and precision machining.

Generally speaking, these tables are designed with independent motor structures to reduce vibration. Origin Live motor kits or Teres Verus motors are available.

Each table can be designed to house almost any tonearm, depending upon the wood used for the plinth, etc.

Prices for deluxe custom tables start at around $2500.


Audiowood: Power Amplifiers

Through a collaboration with Red Dragon Audio, Audiowood is proud to offer modified class D ICE-powered power amps that can be built into almost any type of enclosure. These great sounding amps are also incredibly efficient, delivering over 80% of consumed power to your speakers. Prices start at around $2000 for a stereo pair of mono amps in a single enclosure. Almost any kind of single or double enclosures are possible.


Audiowood: Tube Preamplifier

In association with Decware, we are able to offer a remote-controlled version of their CSP2 preamplifier. Our version adds a remote Alps volume control to this quiet and full-bodied tube pre. In addition to 2 inputs and a headphone jack, it features adjustable gain to match it with almost any power amp. And, because it is a "plate" design, it can be mounted in almost any enclosure. Many custom options are available, with pricing starting at $1500.


Audiowood: iPhone Nests

Audiowood iPhone nests are available in several styles ranging in price from $60-125, and are available as custom designs, fitted in custom consoles, etc.


Audiowood: Magnepan Speaker Stands

Solid wood stands are available for all Maggie models. $250 or $350 per set, depending on model. Call for more details.


Audiowood: Nixie Tube Clocks

Custom Nixie Clocks are available in various styles, starting at $400.


Audiowood: Speakers

Jordan speakers are a time-tested transmission line design, constructed of mdf with a wide range of veneers and finishes available, as well as choices of binding posts. These speakers are exceptional speakers in small-to-midsize rooms with all music except hard rock. $1600-2000 a pair, depending on options.

Seas speakers are great all-around performers. MDF construction with cherry, maple, or black ash wood veneer. Shown with custom, solid and ply-wood, sand-fillable Audiowood speaker stands. $1200 a pair with stands as pictured.


Audioengine makes great sounding speakers and flexible wireless audio transmitters. Their bamboo speakers are ROHS compliant and are excellent values. Their W1 wireless unit allows for great flexibility when setting up home audio systems.

Powered $449, Passive $249, Wireless Unit $99

Cable Research Lab

CRL offers a complete line of high-end audiophile cables. Please call for details.


Edensound makes a great range of machined footers and isolation bases out of plant-based composites and US-made lead-free brass. Please call for details.

Glow Audio

Glow makes some the most stylish, high-performance, reasonably-priced gear out there. Their Voice One speakers are an amazing value and are made of recycled wood scraps and have bamboo and hemp drivers: available in natural wood, rosewood, black, red, silver, and ivory. Their Sub One has bamboo side panels and is an award-winning over-achiever. The Amp One is a great, power-sipping integrated amp with an integral usb input/dac for plug-and-play with your computer music files. It also has an rca analog input. Available in black, red, silver, and ivory. Amp One $648, Sub One $348, Voice One $348, Complete System with amp, speakers and sub $1148.


Glow Speaker Stands

Glow speaker stands constructed of sustainably-produced solid bamboo. Tenoned construction and a durable polyurethane finish. Stands are available in desktop, dual-subwoofer, and floor versions.

High Resolution Technologies

The Music Streamer 2+ is a great little external DAC with a nice price: $349.


The entire Jolida line is available through Audiowood at normal retail prices. Jolida manufactures several low-power consumption amps and components. Please call for more information and to find out what we have on hand for audition.

Origin Live Motor Kits and Tonearms

Please call for more information on options and pricing.


All Rega products are available for local customers or those without a nearby dealer. We hope to have an increasing number of Rega products available for audition over time, especially analog products.

Teres Bearings and Verus Motor Kits

Audiowood is proud to partner with Teres, offering their legendary bearing for custom turntables and the option of pairing it with their new Verus platter rim-drive system.

Stock and Custom Virtue Audio Sensation Integrated Amplifiers

Please contact us for details.